Holy Blog, Batman!

Hi folks!

This has been quite a few weeks and I have to take a moment to thank all of you! The idea that the Comcast blog got over half a million hits and almost 700 comments literally blows my mind. I guess I hit a nerve hu?

A lot of great stuff came out of the experience of going viral. I learned a lot about myself and other people and opportunities came my way that I never expected. None of it would have happened without all of you sharing and posting and commenting. So cheers to you guys!

One of the offers that came in was the chance to blog for the Huffington Post. It was a little nerve wracking to think about that many people looking at what I’ve written, but I decided that chances like this only come along once in a lifetime so I took it. Yesterday, the first one went live! It was extremely exciting. Here is the link if you are so inclined to follow it. And again, THANK YOU all so very much!



7 thoughts on “Holy Blog, Batman!

  1. Congrats! It’s amazing what a little public anger towards a hated corporation can do. It was the post that got many attention and I look forward to reading more. And if you fail, stumble or soar, at least you’re doing it on your own terms! Thanks for sharing your bit of honesty, humor, and talent. 🙂

  2. Way to go girl!!! Maybe more people will pick up on our plight and join us. Certainly hope so. I am down to internet only from my “service” provider. Sure do love my Kindle too. God bless.

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