Stacie Huckeba is an internationally recognized photographer and film maker. Her current client roster includes The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Foundation, The Americana Music Association, Sony Music Group, Yep Rock Music Group, Redeye Distribution, Gold Mountain Entertainment, Miktek Audio, CBRE and SOHO Myriad. Her still photography has been featured on numerous album covers, national publications and websites worldwide. Her video productions have been premiered on Rolling Stone, USA Today, The Huffington Post, TNN, and CMT. She also currently has permanent installations at the Omni Hotel Nashville and The Hyatt Place, Downtown Nashville.


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  1. Terrific, keep with your plan! let me know if it works. Meanwhile, I have to go back to my corner and talk with the spiders…

  2. Hey, Stacie! I just about split a gut over your Comcast blog. Pls email me, I’d like to see about linking it into my next newsletter. (I think you’re going to like this…)


  3. Your Comcast letter was the best I’ve ever read and sums up their business model perfectly. Unfortunately, I laughed down my leg reading it. Would it be possible for you to send me new knickers 😀 ??

  4. Telco, Wireless, Satellite, Fios, Frontier, AT&T, Verizon, Clearwire, Click, Gigabit squared. Well ok a couple of them failed and I guess you should blame their competition… You do have options.

  5. Your letter to Comcast is one I have wanted to write myself several times over. My husband worked for them (not anymore) and can confirm that their business model is truly brilliant, just like you noted. If you want speed, you have no other options. Unfortunately, if you need internet for work… you need Comcast Fiber-optic Ethernet to survive. And I feel your pain.

  6. loved the comcast post. 10K strong on FB already from a mere 1k blog post. well done! don’t forget to keep using all the # and @ maybe someone is moderating and finally will listen once they see those #s. love the chicken photos btw but still hate the chickens

  7. I feel your pain!!!. 1st trip out, the ran the cable above ground along the fence… lazy ass technician claimed he couldn’t bury it… had to have him out again to do it right. Then I noticed how he was running the internet line along the ceiling in the basement instead of running it internally or along the baseboard… another follow on fix… then he missdrilled a hole through the closet (I fixed) and left the receptacle plate that didn’t fit hanging loose (I fixed that too). Most egregious? After my ADT didn’t go off when a door blew open in a windstorm, I called to ask wtf… they said my ADT wasn’t operational for 6 months, although I was paying (huge foul on ADT too, and I let them know it… another story/outcome). The ADT tech said that the Comcast tech, while troubleshooting a bad connection for my phone (that was never fixed after 4 visits/attempts, even after they ripped up paint and left a mess with staples and old wires on the ground and all along the house hanging loose!)…the tech just cut my security system wires and never said anything, leaving me unsecured for over 6 months!!! I’m leaving out quite a bit more, these are just the heavy hitters… needless to say, I cancelled as I refuse to give this Communist propaganda company $150 a month for trash and shit service when I paid half that in Japan and the UK for the same… btw, I STILL get bills 4 months later even after multiple calls, hours on the phone, and multiple people assuring me it’s cleared up and I won’t see another bill:-\. BOTCOTT these greedy assholes!

  8. A great Comcast letter. Very tongue in cheek and spot on. Sounds like when I had satellite and wanted to drop HBO. I told them I was cutting expenses so I was offered Showtime at a reduced rate.

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